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Account access at your fingertips - GM Financial launches their mobile app

Account Access at Your Fingertips

You’re busy and on the move. Bank, credit cards, electric bill: More and more people are using their mobile devices to keep up with all their accounts.

Now, GM Financial Mobile puts the power of MyAccount in your hands with the launch of our app. It’s currently available for Android ™ on Google Play ™ *, and the iOS version is coming soon.

Get the info you need

Whether you have a question for our Customer Experience team, or just need to see our most commonly asked questions, your answers are all in the app. You can send us a message and view replies any time of day, or read our FAQ section.

Pay with convenience

Making payments is even easier with GM Financial Mobile. Set up auto pay to automatically debit from your bank account, so you can set it and forget it. You can also make a payment and explore all of our other payment options in the app.

Manage your account

Securely access your account from anywhere and manage your account more conveniently than ever before. See your account status, how many payments you have left and more. GM Financial Mobile puts the power in your hands.

*Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Scooter Hendon
By Scooter Hendon, GM Financial

GM Financial's Scooter Hendon might have a funny name, but he's serious about educating customers about financing their vehicles – and no, not the foot-powered kind on two wheels.


Ready to get in the driver's seat?

See if you prequalify for financing.

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Stay Connected Your Way

Want payment reminders sent right to your phone? Opt in to receive text alerts today.

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Customer messaging a GM Financial representative on a laptop

Now You Can Message Us 24/7

Chatting with our Customer Experience team just got better.

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