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5 Benefits of MyAccount

As a GM Financial customer, MyAccount puts the power of information in your hands with an easy-to-use format, online or in the GM Financial Mobile app. Check out these five features that make MyAccount work for you:

  1. Pay online anytime
    Shorten your list of things to remember by setting up recurring payments online. Not the “set it and forget it” type? No problem. It's just as easy to make a one-time online payment when it comes due. There are several payment options available, however, some may incur fees.
  2. Paper is passé
    Many of our customers choose to go green. Going paperless helps reduce mail clutter and allows you to conveniently view your billing statement in a safe and secure format. You also get access to your monthly statements as soon as they’re available, so you don’t have to wait on postal delivery. If you’re still receiving a paper statement, log in or sign up now to see if you're eligible. Click the "Go Paperless" button to get started.
  3. Get detail-oriented
    Stay informed with all of your account information by checking Account Details. How many payments do you have remaining? How much interest did you pay last year? When is your next payment due? It’s all there, and more.
  4. Chat us up
    Have questions or need help with your account? Message us in MyAccount or text INFO to 53721 (message and data rates may apply). You can also find our phone support number and support hours under Customer Support.
  5. See the payoff
    If the end of your contract is near, you can see how much it would cost to pay it off. Request and print a payoff quote in MyAccount to send in your final payment.

Still have questions about MyAccount? Read our FAQ .

Scooter Hendon
By Scooter Hendon, GM Financial

Scooter Hendon might work indoors, but his heart is in the outdoors. Whether he's with his family or flying solo, he loves a good camping, backpacking or hiking adventure. When Scooter’s not hitting the road in his Chevy Silverado to a state or national park, he’s saving up for his next trip.


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