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dry desert landscape with orange overlay "6 ways to beat the heat"

6 Ways To Beat The Heat

Getting into a scorching hot car is no fun. Here are six summer car care tips that can save your vehicle from the ravages of the sun and ensure you stay a cool driver.

  1. Can't touch this. Whether you're headed to the pool or running errands, a spare towel is a great way to keep your leather seats, steering wheel or car seat buckles safe to touch when you return from your adventures. Remember, children and pets may be especially sensitive to the heat.
  2. It's getting hot in here. You're not the only one sweating when the temperature spikes; your engine also feels the heat. To help your car run smoothly all summer long, it's a good idea to visit your GM dealership to check your engine oil and coolant levels.
  3. Pump it up. Rising temperatures can also wreak havoc with your tire pressure. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and your tread is at a safe depth before driving off into the sunset. And if you live where winter wheels are a must, don't forget to change them out for all-season tires.
  4. Feeling hot, hot, hot. If you haven't bought a sun shade for your windshield, no more excuses — get one. As a Texan, I know how much better 100 degrees feels than 105. It's worth it. And when you're shopping for your next vehicle, talk to your dealer about tinted windows. You can get the process started by applying for prequalified credit before you go.
  5. Cool for the summer. Don't get hit by a heat wave when you open the doors. Many new GM models come equipped with advanced technology like the remote start feature, which will allow you to start the engine and your air conditioning using your key fob or vehicle mobile app.
  6. Who you gonna call? Emergencies happen — if your car does overheat or you get stuck in a severe summer storm, having backup isn't a bad idea. OnStar® offers Roadside Assistance, Crisis Assist and Emergency Services. Push the OnStar button in your vehicle to learn more or to get set up.

Now that your car is ready for the road, check out these great ways to keep your sanity while traveling.

Elizabeth Ygartua
By Elizabeth Ygartua, GM Financial

GM Financial's Elizabeth Ygartua is an eighth-generation Texan who never knew she needed a truck until she drove the GMC Canyon.


Ready to get in the driver's seat?

See if you pre-qualify for financing.

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