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GM Financial Fleet Solutions: Fleet Management Simplified

A lot goes into fleet management. And every business with a fleet, whether you have five or 100 vehicles, needs effective solutions. But every aspect of managing a fleet involves enough details to overwhelm even the most capable fleet manager.

From fuel cards and reporting tools to tax-saving advantages, GM Financial Fleet Solutions makes the complexities of fleet management simple.

Strategic vehicle acquisition

When it comes to growing your fleet or replacing aging vehicles, it’s all about timing. GM Financial Fleet Solutions can help you assess your fleet needs, find the right vehicle and the right season to purchase or lease, and find the optimal time to replace aging vehicles to maximize tax benefits and minimize maintenance costs.

Flexible funding

Finding the right funding solution can be a hassle. Not only do you need to find a funding source but you also need funding that fits your budget and cash flow. But GM Financial Fleet Solutions can help you both manage your fleet and pay for it with customizable funding options such as fleet credit (starting at $350,000, reviewed annually), APR or TRAC Lease.

Maintenance management

Keeping your vehicles on the road is critical to the success of your business. GM Financial Fleet Solutions provides access to real-time data and analytics, so you can monitor vehicle health, identify potential issues and schedule preventative services. And with a nationwide network of 85,000-plus certified shops, you can ensure quality repairs and maintenance for your fleet.

Fuel management

Fuel expenses account for around 60% of a typical yearly fleet budget, and around 20% of those annual costs are avoidable. GM Financial Fleet Solutions gives you the tools to proactively manage fuel costs with fuel cards that help track fuel purchases, prevent fraud and enforce your fuel policies.

Fuel cards also come with reporting tools that enable you to analyze fueling trends, set authorization limits and combine billing, along with consolidated invoicing and reporting that help you simplify your accounting and auditing processes.

All of this is tied together by fleet specialists who can help you design, implement and monitor a successful fleet strategy. Of course, you can figure it all out on your own. Or a team of experts can take the heavy lifting of fleet management off your shoulders and free you up for other important work.

GM Financial Fleet Solutions means simplified fleet management. To learn what that could look like for your business, contact us. We’re here to help you succeed. 


Ross Appleton
By Ross Appleton, GM Financial

Ross Appleton loves to help people navigate their toughest challenges. He believes that clarity is the key to flourishing in a complex world, and that a timely dad joke is good for the soul. When he isn’t talking or writing about big ideas, you’ll likely find him reading about them in old books. He is married, and two of his four children currently serve in the U.S. Army.

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