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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare for your lease end and get the answers you need.

Your lease-end options

Find your new ride

Enjoy the excitement of a new vehicle by returning your current leased vehicle and finding a new vehicle to lease or buy. Save time at the dealership by applying online now.

Buy your leased vehicle

Do you love your ride so much you don’t want to say goodbye? You can purchase your vehicle at any point during your lease. Contact us or visit your dealership to discuss your options.

Return your vehicle

If you just want to turn your vehicle in at the end of your contract and don’t plan to lease or buy a new GM vehicle, schedule an appointment at your dealership. Before you make a final decision, make sure to check out the latest offers in your area.

No matter what choice you make, some lease-end charges may apply. If you lease or buy a new GM vehicle, your disposition fee may be waived. See your lease agreement for details.

Your originating GM dealer is best qualified to assist you with the lease-end process. If you have moved a significant distance, you can return the vehicle at any participating GM dealership.  Call ahead to schedule an appointment and confirm the dealership is a participating GM dealership. If you need assistance with returning it to another dealership, you can contact us in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount. You can also call us at 1-800-284-2271

Your GM Financial lease agreement states that you have the option to buy your leased vehicle at any time from a GM Financial designated party. To obtain a purchase option price, you can contact our Customer Experience team in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount. You can also call us at 1-800-284-2271. Please have your account number, Social Security number or vehicle identification number (VIN) available to help us quickly locate your account. You can also contact the GM dealership where you leased your vehicle for assistance. We do not currently process lease purchase requests through non-GM dealerships.

Yes, you may terminate your lease early. For more information about voluntary early termination of your lease and the amounts that will be owed, see your lease agreement. Please contact us in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount. You can also call us at 1-800-284-2271 or see your originating dealership for details.

  • You will receive a one-month automatic lease extension 11 days after your contract term date if you do not return your leased vehicle. This will happen regardless of the reason the vehicle hasn’t been returned. We will notify you through email or mail that you have received the extension.
  • The extension doesn’t increase the mileage in your original contract. Any mileage incurred in excess of the amount allowed in your original lease contract term will be billed at the rate per mile listed in your agreement. However, if you lease or purchase a new GM vehicle at lease end, you may be eligible to receive an additional monthly mileage allowance equivalent to the terms of the original lease agreement should you exceed your contract mileage.
  • We will continue to automatically process lease extensions in one-month increments, up to six months from your original maturity date. You will receive emailed or mailed confirmation the extension has processed on a monthly basis.
  • You must continue to make your regular monthly payment during the month(s) extended.

*This Loyalty Program offer is only available to customers who received a lease term extension and terminated their lease after February 1, 2021. This program is subject to change; GM Financial may terminate this Loyalty Program without notice at any time.

Fees, charges and deposits

The best way to find out what excess wear charges you might be responsible for is to schedule a complimentary pre-return inspection. You can schedule this inspection to take place at home, at work or at your dealership. To schedule this inspection, contact us through MyAccount, text* LEASEEND to 53721 or call 1-800-284-2271.

*Message and data rates may apply.

If you buy or lease a new GM vehicle after turning in your previous GM lease, you may be eligible to receive a partial waiver on your excess wear charges.

To determine eligibility, you must contact us by messaging in MyAccount or texting* LEASEEND to 53721.

If you do have excess wear charges and you’re a My GM Rewards member, you can use those points toward excess wear or mileage. Visit for details.

*Message and data rates may apply.

You’re responsible for any applicable tolls, tickets, property tax or fees assessed during your lease contract. The initial bill will go to GM Financial. Then, we’ll add the charges to your monthly billing statement with a copy of the original bill. If you don’t receive a monthly billing statement, you’ll receive an off-cycle bill for the applicable fees.

A disposition fee is charged by leasing companies to prepare a returned vehicle for sale at auction. Details about this and other potential fees are outlined on your lease agreement.

If you lease or buy a new GM vehicle, or if you purchase your leased vehicle, the disposition fee may be waived. If you choose one of those options, please contact the Lease-End Experience team if you are unsure that the fee has been waived. If you have questions about this fee, you can contact us in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount. You can also call us at 1-800-284-2271

Managing your account

Messaging is a convenient online connection to our Lease-End Experience team. You can initiate a messaging session by logging in to the GM Financial Mobile app or by clicking the option in MyAccount online. During business hours, you will be connected to someone who can help you get the information you need. At the end of your session, a transcript of the online conversation will be saved for 13 months and available to you. 

Download the GM Financial Mobile app or visit MyAccount to create a User ID and Password. You will need your account number, which can be found on your welcome packet or billing statement, as well as the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Keep in mind that while your User ID is not case-sensitive, your Password must be entered exactly as you created it. 

When it comes to paying your bill, you have a number of options. This includes:

  • MyAccount: Pay online or on the GM Financial Mobile app. Paying online with a bank account is free, but debit payments may have a fee. You can also set up recurring payments in MyAccount.
  • Phone: Call 1-800-284-2271 to pay by phone. Phone payments may require an additional fee.
  • Mail: You can send a check or money order via mail to pay your bill. View our mail FAQ for the correct address.

Please note that we don’t accept in-person payments at GM Financial locations.

To see other ways you can pay, visit our payment options page.

You have two options for setting up monthly payments. You can set up auto pay online in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount

Once you sign up, auto pay goes into effect immediately and can be changed or canceled anytime through the mobile app or MyAccount.    

Customers also have the option to sign up for auto pay by mail. Keep in mind that the auto pay by mail enrollment process will take approximately one billing cycle to complete.

Log in to the GM Financial Mobile app or MyAccount to update your profile settings. By updating your preferences, you will be notified when your billing statement is available online.

You can see how many payments you have left and other account information in the GM Financial Mobile app or MyAccount.

You can obtain an account summary by messaging our Lease-End Experience team in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount. You can also call 1-800-284-2271.

Explore our lease-end page for more answers, or contact our Lease-End Experience team in the GM Financial Mobile app or by logging in to MyAccount. You can also call us at 1-800-284-2271.   

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